About East Bridgewater Community Gardens

East Bridgewater Community Gardens (EBCG) is an organization that empowers people to choose healthy and sustainable foods through education and participation. EBCG was founded in 2016 through a grant from the East Bridgewater YMCA in conjunction with the Healthy East Bridgewater initiative. We provide access to land for growing fresh, local, sustainably-grown organic vegetables for those who wish to participate. We have a quarter acre of growing space. Since 2018 EBCG has produced thousands of pounds of fresh organic food that was donated to local food pantries.

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EBCG – Creating a Healthy Choice – Empowering Individuals – Growing Community

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Creating a Healthy Choice




EBCG works to provide an enjoyable gardening experience for both new and veteran gardeners. Our members grow hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds of sustainably grown produce each year for individuals and their families. EBCG accomplishes this by working with our community partners and growing food on 24 community garden plots. Currently EBCG distributes fresh, local and sustainable produce to two area food pantries. EBCG utilizes the gardens to educate individuals of all ages how to grow their own food so they can make healthy food choices.

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Empowering Individuals

EBCG works to empower individuals by educating people on the importance of eating local, fresh, nutritious food and teaching them how to grow their own produce from planting to harvest. EBCG conducts annual classes at the adjacent Sachem Rock Community Center that are free and open to the public. Gardeners also help and teach each other through informal chatting while working the gardens. This convivial exchange of information also strengthens our community.
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Growing Community

The East Bridgewater community gardens, sited at the historic Sachem Rock Farm, offers a place for people to produce fresh, nutritious, sustainably grown food. The gardens help people meet their neighbors, share ideas, learn from one another and strengthen the community.